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Personal Note:

I am working on numerous projects for publication in the children’s literature, educational and non-fiction markets. In education, I think of writing as the quieter and anti-social cousin to teaching! Both are creative endeavors and incredibly rewarding.

My first published article for children was Acequias Transfer Water to Crops in Spigot Science Magazine, 2016

I am a member of the SCBWI and Children’s Book Insider


Children’s Magazines & Books

Water awareness is one of the mail goals of Terra Bella Water. But there is more than just water, and there are many ways to get the message out. I am embarking on writing projects to share with the world! Among the many environmental themes I am addressing:

-Water systems in history


-How trees protect each other



Educational Publications

Of the many ways education is asserting it’s connection with nature, STEM, Next Generation Science and Common Core are a few that have brought the environment front and center in exciting ways. I’d like to branch out in numerous ways to create and disperse information. Curriculum alignment is included when possible!