Water must be conserved

This message should be a part of any school curriculum. Adults as well as children need access to knowledge and how it relates to their daily lives, communities, workplaces and even leisure time. Not long ago we were suffering from "drought fatigue" in Southern California. You felt guilty for even wanting to water your garden. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Do you know how many gallons of water you use every day? Do you know how much you pay for a gallon of tap water? And where does that water go once it leaves your sight? 

Any water user should be aware of and concerned about our present water situation and how we can face the future reality. Being informed is crucial. It's the only way we can have any influence on how our communities choose to supply us with water and how it is used. 



Water Systems

Managing the way people access, store and distribute water is a concern for every civilization. These systems ensured the development of agriculture and the end of nomadic life for many people and they can bring down empires.

-Accessing water

-Transporting water

-Harvesting and storing water

-Distributing water



The area that contains the flow of water from precipitation hitting the ground, through ecosystems and then  out to a body of water. This is where living organisms get involved, and humans can interrupt the cycle with dangerous consequences.


-Water Quality