I am currently working on writing for kids about the environment...stay tuned!
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Writer, Acequias Transfer Water to Crops, Spigot Science Magazine, 2016


Writer, New Rules for Landscaping with MWELO, Pacific Horticulture magazine, Spring 2017

Co-Writer, The Big Shift, Pacific Horticulture magazine, Spring 2016

Co-Writer, Where Did the Water Go?, Pacific Horticulture magazine, Winter 2016

Writer, Making (the Most of) Rain in LA, Pacific Horticulture magazine, Summer 2014

Writer, Collecting Rainwater—43,000 Gallons at a Time, The Designer magazine, Spring 2013

Writer, Yuccas and Stucco Atomic Ranch Magazine, Spring 2005

Guest expert, “Perennials in the Landscape” 2005 and “Plant Propagation” 2006, A.C. Burke and Company, Educational media