Water and the Garden

About 50% of residential water use in outdoors. Many of us rely on automated irrigation systems but don't pay attention to how that system is working. How much water plants need is a mystery to most homeowners and what kind of soil do you have, anyway?

There are ways of figuring out the answers to these and other questions since there are so many new resources available now. 

Perhaps even more important is the new WELO (Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance) that is in effect for California and applies to most new construction and major remodeling. (Read more here)

Many climate appropriate plants don't need much water. Find out what plants you have (or want) and what they need.

Remember, your garden is an ecosystem with many factors so keep it healthy by considering the following (only a partial list!)

-water source (municipal, rain water, grey water)
-soil (infiltration ability, drainage)
-plant type (water need plus soil, exposure needs)
-grading and drainage
-tree roots
-should you have lawn?